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Wednesday 22 October, 6:00 pm - Theatre Development Centre, Triskel Christchurch

Perforum - David Parnell

David Parnell was born in Dublin and began his involvement in theatre as a member of Dublin Youth Theatre (DYT), before training as an actor at the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College Dublin. He worked as an actor throughout the 1990s with all of Ireland’s major theatres, in particular the Abbey Theatre, as well as at the Gate, the Gaiety, the Belfast Lyric, Project Arts Centre and the Olympia, with directors including Joe Dowling, Patrick Mason, Ben Barnes and Gerard Stembridge. In the mid-90’s David also began directing and writing for the theatre, founding the award-winning Gúna Nua Theatre with Paul Meade. He also worked as a freelance director with companies such as Druid, Second Age, and Bickerstaffe. He was Staff Director at the Abbey Theatre, where he then became an Associate Artist. In 2008 David became Head of Theatre at the Arts Council, where he…more details

Friday 24 October, 1:10 pm - Glucksman Gallery, UCC

Concert - David O’Rourke

Concert - David O’Rourke


Enjoy the art of jazz presented by a superb group headed by jazz guitar star David O’Rourke from New York. David and his musical friends will enhance the superb contemporary art on display at this stunning gallery with thrilling jazz sounds.

For the last nine years, New York City based jazz guitarist, conductor, and arranger David O’Rourke has guided tomorrow’s jazz musicians as ‘house bandleader’ of the Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra.

Born and raised in Dublin, O’Rourke has built a career defined and shaped by his exposure to and association with many of his musical idols, both in the US and abroad. He has played with Les Paul and Bucky Pizzarelli and studied with legends such as Barry Galbraith and Pat Martino.

He currently leads and writes for his own 20-piece band (The O’Rourkestra) at the…more details

Thursday 30 October, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Dr. Byron Dueck

Dr. Byron Dueck, Open University
“What Is a Musical Public?”

Across a wide range of musical practices, learning increasingly involves an orientation to imagined others. As young people acquire musical skills, they acquaint themselves with the practices of not only social intimates, but also distant and unknown musicians. They are able to do so in part thanks to the circulation of mass-mediated performances and publications: texts that enable a kind of long-distance allegiance-building. The musical orientation to strangers, long an aspect of the transmission of art musics, is also and increasingly evident in the dissemination of what are sometimes referred to as traditional, vernacular, and folk musics. My talk accordingly begins by exploring several different-yet-similar contexts of musical learning: of jazz, Western art music, and North American powwow singing and dancing. These ethnographic vignettes provide…more details

Friday 31 October, 1:10 pm - St. Fin Barre's Cathedral

Vanbrugh String Quartet

Vanbrugh String Quartet

Dvorak quartet op 96 in Fmaj
• Allegro ma non troppo
• Lento
• Molto vivace
• Finale : vivace ma non troppo

Peter Schickele string quartet no 1 "American Dreams”

1. Opening Diptych
2. Four Studies
3. Music At Dawn
4. Dance Music

Gregory Ellis - Keith Pascoe - Simon Aspell - Christopher Marwood
Artists in Residence at University College, Cork
Lecturers in Chamber Music at Dublin Institute of Technology
Supported by the National String Quartet Foundation

Awe-inspiring and infinitely moving… the kind of experience one encounters on only a few occasions in a lifetime… only one or two ensembles in the world plumb such depths. These were among the reactions of Strad magazine to…more details

Thursday 06 November, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Prof. Daniel Leech-Wilkinson

Prof. Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, Kings College London
“Classical Music: Utopia or Police State?”

The performance of western classical music is surrounded by obligations: to the composer, to the work, to tradition. None of these has a plausible ethical or historical basis. The composer is (usually long) dead and cannot be harmed; the composer’s intentions are unknowable; his expectations are unknown until the invention of sound recording; recordings document changes in performance style so great that the very notion of what is ‘musical’ is revealed as historically contingent. In this context the notion of a ‘work’ is meaningless since nothing but the notes remain unchanged, and recordings show that the notes can sound very different and therefore generate very different meanings in the minds of listeners. Tradition is clearly a fantasy. Recordings show that…more details

Friday 07 November, 1:10 pm - Aula Maxima, UCC

The Chieftans

The Chieftans

Admission is free and by ticket only. Tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis only,at the UCC Visitors Centre, UCC, from 3 pm on October 31. Limit of 2 tickets per person.

Six-time Grammy Award winners, The Chieftains, have been highly recognized for reinventing traditional Irish music on a contemporary and International scale. Their ability to transcend musical boundaries to blend tradition with modern music has notably hailed them as one of the most renowned and revered musical groups to this day.

The Chieftains were formed in 1962 by Paddy Moloney. Enlisting top folk musicians, fiddler Martin Fay, flautist Michael Tubridy, tin whistle virtuoso Seán Potts, and bodhrán player David Fallon, Maloney intended to record a one-off instrumental album, but it was later re-recorded with additional musicians, fiddler Seán Keane, and Peader Mercier replacing Fallon. Harpist Derek…more details

Wednesday 12 November, 6:00 pm - Theatre Development Centre, Triskel Christchurch

Perforum - Gerard Stembridge

Gerard Stembridge is from Limerick. He has written and directed theatre and film for the last thirty years, Guiltrip, About Adam, Lovechild, The Gay Detective and The Whiteheaded boy being highlights. As well as Scrap Saturday he has also written extensively for radio. His novels are According to Luke, Counting Down and Unspoken. His latest novel The Effect of Her was published summer 2013

Admission free
more details

Friday 14 November, 1:10 pm - St. Fin Barre's Cathedral

Niall Vallely

Niall Vallely

Niall Vallely
with special guests
Gerry McKee (bouzouki), Frank Torpey (bodhrán), Caoimhín Vallely (piano) and Brian Morrissey (banjo and bodhrán)

This concert will coincide with the publication of a book of new tunes composed by Niall. The book will feature over 100 tunes composed by Niall over the past 25 years since he came to Cork to study music at U.C.C. and this performance will feature a selection of the tunes spanning that period. Niall will be joined by some of his closest friends and musical collaborators including former members of Nomos - Gerry McKee and Frank Torpey - and members of Buille - Caoimhín Vallely and Brian Morrissey.

Niall Vallely was born in Armagh in 1970 and began learning the concertina at the age of seven, taught by his parents Brian and Eithne Vallely, founders of the Armagh Pipers' Club. Over the years he has developed a unique…more details

Thursday 20 November, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Dr. Derek Foott

Dr. Derek Foott, University College Cork
“Little Thing, Big Thing: Small Sounds, Forgotten Sounds, and Data Sonification”

Derek Foott (PhD & MA, University College Cork; BA, University of Hull) is an intermedia composer working in the field of computer programming, electronic and acousmatic music, and interactive visuals. He co-founded CAVE (Cork Audio-Visual Ensemble) with Jeffrey Weeter in 2013, and recently performed at the International Computer Music Conference in Athens (September 2014). His work has premiered at the National Concert Hall (Dublin), Irish Film Institute, the Bluecoat (Liverpool), and York New Music Festival. Derek is currently a research affiliate with University College Cork, Ireland, where he teaches creative music technology. He specialises in electroacoustic and algorithmic composition, swarm intelligence, multimedia, live electronics, and interactive technologies. With interests in ecology, stigmergy, data sonification,…more details