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Thursday 05 February, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Dr Henry Stobart

Dancing in the Fields: Imagined Landscapes and Virtual Locality in Indigenous Andean Music Videos
The move from analogue audio cassette to digital VCD (Video Compact Disc) in around 2003, as a primary format for recorded music, marked a remarkable shift for music production and consumption in the Bolivian Andes. This cheap digital technology both opened up new markets among low-income indigenous people, and enabled music entrepreneurs from such groups to create their own music video productions. It quickly became almost unthinkable to produce a music recording without video images – a radical shift in music’s ontology. This presentation explores the character of these images, reflecting on continuities and contrasts with well-established music video conventions in Europe and North America. In particular, it focuses on the tendency of Andean music videos…more details

Friday 06 February, 1:10 pm - Aula Maxima, UCC

Concert - Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo

Concert - Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo

FUAIM is delighted to welcome the extraordinary piano duo Helena Bugallo and Amy Williams to perform this week’s Friday lunchtime concert in the Aula Maxima.

The Bugallo-Williams Piano Duo has been presenting innovative programs of contemporary music throughout North America and Europe since 1995. Helena Bugallo and Amy Williams perform cutting-edge new works and masterpieces of the twentieth century for piano four-hands and two pianos. They have premiered dozens of works, many of which were written especially for the Duo, and they have worked directly with such renowned composers as Peter Eötvos, Louis Andriessen, Lukas Foss, Steve Reich, Jukka Tiensuu, Betsy Jolas, and Kevin Volans. They also collaborate with composers who explore new approaches to the piano through multimedia applications, electronics, and extended techniques. They frequently perform with additional players in works for multiple keyboards, chamber…more details

Thursday 12 February, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Niall Vallely

A Different Tune - Traditional Musician and Composer
Niall Vallely has been working at composing traditional-style tunes since the early 1990s. As well as recording these on his own albums, his tunes have been recorded by leading acts such as Lunasa, KAN, Michael McGoldrick, John Mc Cusker, Allan Kelly and Scottish acts the Poozies, Daimh, Gabe McVarish and Duncan Chisholm as well as bands from Europe, Asia and the US, while some of them have become ‘standards’ in sessions throughout the world. In more recent years he has been expanding the scope of his compositions to embrace larger scale forms and instrumentation. The Singing Stream written for four sets of Uilleann Pipes was commissioned by the William Kennedy Piping Festival and had performances in 2002 and 2003. Major works since then have included Flight-Imeacht – a 20-minute piece for traditional…more details

Friday 13 February, 1:10 pm - Aula Maxima, UCC

Vanbrugh String Quartet

Vanbrugh String Quartet

For their first concert of the Spring 2015 season, the Vanbrugh String Quartet present Schubert’s String Quartet in G Major D887.

I. Allegro molto moderato
II. Andante un poco moto
III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace with trio: Allegretto
IV. Allegro assai

'These four superb musicians have matured into a beautifully balanced ensemble that searches for beauty of tone, the most subtle refinements of phrasing and for authenticity and accuracy.'
Brian Paynes October, 2014

For more information: http://vanbrughquartet.com/
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Thursday 19 February, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Dr Christina Lucia

The African Musical Work?
In 1997 South African musicologist Sallyann Goodall presented a paper on ‘Herding the Sacred Cows In New Pastures’, describing how ethno/musicology in post-apartheid South Africa could help to bring ‘other’ world musics into university curricula alongside the (then) entrenched canon of Western classical music and masterworks. Amalgamating the claims of competing ‘-ologies- - studying music as both ‘work’ and ‘performance culture’ - was part of her argument for moving the sacred cow, WCM into a new space alongside ‘other’ cows, where all were treated as newcomers and none were sacrosanct. More recently, African traditional music, popular music and choral music have emerged out of post-apartheid discourse as new kinds of sacred cows in South Africa, raising questions around what constitutes an ‘African musical work’. Christine Lucia will present two compositions by African composer Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa from her current critical…more details

Thursday 26 February, 11:00 am - Boole Library

Research Seminar - Dr Allen White

Funding opportunities for Early Stage Researchers in Music and the Performing Arts (The Research Skills Room, Boole Library)
Allen White is the Research Support Officer for the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences (since Sept 2012). In this role he helps academic and research staff develop applications to different national and international funders alongside developing research strategy and capacity in the College. He has worked on successive research projects funded by Marie Curie (2006-2009) and NORFACE (2010-2012) in the area of migrations studies, children and families. Prior to this he worked as a lecturer in the University of Wales, Lampeter and Nottingham Trent University. He is the author of over 20 peer-reviewed publications [including 11 articles, 3 co-authored/edited books, 3 co-edited special issues and 4 book chapters] over 2008-14 and the generation…more details

Friday 27 February, 1:10 pm - Aula Maxima, UCC

UCC Choir with Karan Casey

UCC Choir with Karan Casey

This week’s Friday Lunchtime concert features an exciting collaboration between the UCC Choir, under the direction of Dr. Eva McMullan, and renowned singer and songwriter Karan Casey, presenting a unique fusion of choral and folk music.
Karan Casey has long been one of the most innovative provocative and imitated voices in Irish traditional and folk music. Her career has spanned twenty five years from the early days as a jazz performer in George’s Bistro in Dublin to her heady days in New York with the band Solas to her now established solo career and she has sold over half a million albums.
Karan released her first album with the group Solas, which quickly became the most celebrated Irish band in the U.S., and her four years with the group were pivotal. Since embarking on her solo career Karan has released 6 solo albums, a duo album (with John Doyle), an…more details

Thursday 05 March, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Dr David Trippett

Music and the Posthuman Ear: Towards a Critique
In response to the growth of media technologies, and their role in inflecting our natural sensory experience of the world, the discourse of Posthumanism has arisen as an intellectual and cultural movement that believes in improving the human condition through applied reason and an embrace of new technologies. It encompasses a growing collection of ideas concerning human-technology relations shared between the literary humanities, computer science, and the bio-medical sciences. One of its premises is that the biological process of human evolution will be complemented and eventually overtaken by advances in genetic, wearable and implantable technologies that artificially expedite the evolutionary process.

The discourse of Posthumanism has rarely been applied to music. This paper considers its relevance for musical listening in the context of cochlea implants and…more details

Thursday 12 March, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - David Stalling and Anthony Kelly

Anthony Kelly and David Stalling have been collaborating on a series of sound and visual works since 2003. Their collaboration encompasses works in multiple forms and media. Using found materials and improvisation as frequent points of departure, they create sound and audiovisual compositions ranging from small-scale interventions to immersive, multi-sensory installations, which combine field recordings, live sound, objects and still/moving images. Kelly and Stalling also perform live improvisations, as a duo as well as with others, such as The Quiet Club, Strange Attractor, Barbara Lüneburg, David Toop, Stephen Vitiello, and Alessandro Bosetti, amongst others. Some of their recent performances include Just Listening, LSAD Gallery Limerick; the i-and-e festival 2011, Dublin; Sonic Vigil, Triskel Christchurch, Cork; Hilltown New Music Festival 2011, Visual in Carlow; Soundwave 2, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh and Kaleidoscope at The Odessa Club.

Over…more details

Thursday 19 March, 11:00 am - Ó Riada Hall, Music Building, UCC

Research Seminar - Prof. John Sloboda

Enhancing Audience Engagement in Live Concerts through Deepening Access to Performers and Composers
For a number of years, a group of staff at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama have been experimenting with the potentialities of deepening the connection between those on stage and those in the audience through the use of "enriching" processes which extend outside the space-time boundaries of the live concert itself. These have included audience attendance at rehearsals, participation in "meet the composer/performer" pre-sessions, and post-concert feedback sessions where audiences are invited to articulate their experiences for the benefit of the musicians and each other.

Some examples of this work will be described, together with the exploratory and evaluative research on their impact. This will include an account of…more details