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Claudia Schwab awarded World Music Travel Scholarship 2012

Claudia Schwab (3rd Arts Music) has been awarded this year’s World Music Travel Scholarship. Each year the scholarship is awarded to one Music student to support a study trip to Java, India or Africa.
Claudia writes: “I feel incredibly lucky and honoured having received this award and feel very excited about this opportunity. I am going to go to Banares/ Varanasi in Northeast India for a month towards the end of May to continue my studies of North Indian Classical music under the guidance of violinist Sukhdev Prasad Mishra, which I started in 2008 when I first visited India. This music has deeply inspired me and I am looking forward to get to know more about it.”

Claudia has a background in classical music, Austrian folk and vocal traditions, as well as eastern European and Balkan music. Involved in Irish traditional music since moving to Ireland in 2005, she is currently a final year student of music and psychology at UCC, discovering her passion for composition, expanding on her studies of North Indian Classical music and ethnomusicology. Alongside working on her own solo project, she is currently playing with bands such as Tucan, Catmelodeon and Ants on Glass.

Here is a clip of Claudia performing with the UCC Eastern European Traditional Music Ensemble.

Posted by John Hough on 03/05 at 04:01 PM in School News