Vol 4 (2008-9)

Table of Contents


Populism and Folklorism in Central European Music Pedagogy of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries PDF
Rhoda Dullea 35-53


Steven Baur, Raymond Knapp and Jacqueline Warwick (eds), Musicological Identities: Essays in Honor of Susan McClary (2008) PDF
Christopher Morris 55-65
Nicholas Cook, The Schenker Project. Culture, Race, and Music Theory in Fin-de-siècle Vienna (2007) PDF
Antonio Cascelli 67-73
Matthew Gelbart, The Invention of ‘Folk Music’ and ‘Art Music’. Emerging Categories from Ossian to Wagner (2007) PDF
Harry White 75-77
Kevin C. Karnes, Music, Criticism, and the Challenge of History: Shaping Modern Musical Thought in Late Nineteenth-Century Vienna (2008) PDF
Nicole Grimes 79-83
Barbara M. Reul and Lorraine Byrne Bodley (eds), The Unknown Schubert (2008) PDF
Anne Margaret Hyland 85-95
Robert Beale, Charles Hallé: A Musical Life (2007) PDF
Fiona M. Palmer 97-100
Robert O. Gjerdingen, Music in the Galant Style (2007) PDF
Martin Adams 101-105
Michael Murphy and Jan Smaczny (eds), Music in Nineteenth-Century Ireland (2007) PDF
Christina Bashford 3-6
Pieter Dirksen, Heinrich Scheidemann’s Keyboard Music: Transmission, Style and Chronology (2007) PDF
Paul Collins 7-10
Henry Burnett and Roy Nitzberg, Composition, Chromaticism and the Developmental Process: A New Theory of Tonality (2007) PDF
Robert Wason 11-17
Linda Cummins, Debussy and the Fragment (2006) PDF
Daniel Shanahan 19-21
Simon-Pierre Perret and Marie-Laure Ragot, Paul Dukas (2007) PDF
Laura Watson 23-26
Fabian Holt, Genre in Popular Music (2007) PDF
Wolfgang Marx 27-34

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